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Vehicle Integration

  • Vehicle Selection and Procurement

  • Vehicle Tear Down

  • Drive-By-Wire Integration

  • Compute System Integration Design & Install

  • Cable Harness Assembly and Install

  • Sensor Integration and Calibration

  • Electrical and Mechanical Upgrades

  • Complete AV System Bring-Up


Autonomous Vehicle Compute Integration

AVAI offers complete AV integration solutions covering layout, electrical, mechanical, and thermal integration of your compute solution. Our experts have years of experience designing and integrating the most cutting edge AV compute modules into a wide variety of vehicles. Service includes tear down, custom bracketing installation, compute and storage system installation and system bring up. If you don't have a compute solution, then we can suggest one of our partner solutions. 

Sensor Integration

AVAI provides low-cost sensor integration services covering custom bracket design, aiming, and calibration. AVAI designs its own sensor vehicle enclosures to reduce wear and tear on your sensors and maintain data quality. We have years of experience working with a wide range of sensors spanning:

  • LIDARs

  • RADARs

  • Cameras (Including thermal)

  • GPS/DGPS (Including RTK solutions)

  • IMUs

  • Ultrasonic Sensors


Electrical and Mechanical Upgrades

AVAI has a variety of power distribution solutions for configurable system bring up as well as AC/DC conversion solutions for enabling multiple power modes. Whether its increasing your overall available electrical capacity to solving complex cooling challenges, AVAI has the solutions to meet your development and testing needs

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