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OxTS Georeferencer and Boresight Tool

Create clear and concise pointclouds with OxTS Georeferencer


OxTS Georeferencer is a software tool developed by OxTS to combine INS navigation data with raw LiDAR data. It can be used alongside any OxTS Survey INS to create a georeferenced 3D Pointcloud.

OxTS Georeferencer takes a file collected with a LiDAR scanner (synchronized in real-time with an OxTS inertial navigation system), a processed navigation trajectory file from the OxTS INS, and some required configuration files, to create a LAS pointcloud file that can be viewed in many 3rd party LiDAR software packages.

Furthermore, thanks to our experience in calibration techniques, we have been able to develop a data-driven technique that helps system integrators and end users to start their work with confidence that their INS and LiDAR hardware has been installed precisely and accurately. This is the boresight calibration feature.

We offer the software free to download and provide example data for testing purposes. Using the data you can go through the process of georeferencing a pointcloud and use the boresight calibration tool to practice setting up your survey. You can download the test data and software from our support site and also view several support articles to help you get up and running

Time Overlap Chart

The time overlap chart within OxTS Georeferencer gives surveyors the ability to both visualize their survey route on a map and choose the start and end times of their survey.

This feature provides added flexibility when it comes to deciding which parts of the survey they wish to view or present.

Global Coordinates

Process data in a range of coordinate systems including:

  • Local coordinates

  • ECEF

  • LLA (latitude, longitude and altitude)

Easier to create map files

Allow mesh surfaces to be easily reconstructed by adding the direction from which each point is surveyed into the pointcloud. Furthermore, users can view the vehicle trajectory as a pointcloud.

3D Hardware setup viewer

To help LiDAR surveyors input the correct relative rotation angles of their OxTS INS and LiDAR sensor, OxTS Georeferencer includes a 3D hardware setup viewer.

The LiDAR model in view will change depending on the user’s choice of sensor. This feature enables quick and intuitive survey configuration.

Processing Options

Maximise the usability of pointclouds and minimise data size through a range of processing options.

  • Filter points by uncertainty keeping every point within a specified accuracy

  • Maximise the accuracy of the data while minimising data size with a Voxel sampling algorithm

  • Filter points by intensity and azimuth and elevation angle of the LiDAR

  • Filter points by speed and range from vehicle


Processing advances

Advanced algorithms allows users to process pointclouds faster than ever before. Take advantage of improved precision and consistency of the boresight calibration feature which now utilises target dimensions.

Boresight Calibration

Boresight calibration is an essential part of INS and LiDAR integration.

If the coordinate systems of the two devices do not match perfectly then the georeferencing of LiDAR data will diverge over longer ranges and result in a less accurate pointcloud.

OxTS Georeferencer includes the ability to boresight supported LiDAR devices in order to ensure the user can produce clean and reliable data every time.

The results of running a boresight calibration are sometimes very clear, and sometimes marginal, but the objective is the same – align all sensors on the vehicle to the same coordinate system to ensure a high level of accuracy, regardless of a predefined test scenario.

A boresighted system allows for complete flexibility over the way you perform a survey.

georeferencer spec.jpg

The software versions in this table relate to the following software version numbers – 1.0 =, 1.2 = and 1.4 =

Please ensure you are using the latest firmware offered by the manufacturer unless it is stated otherwise that you need a different firmware.

NOTE: 3rd party INS devices are not supported due to the data manipulation for synchronization and quality assurance; specific accuracy and status messages from NCOM are required for processing.

We are currently working on making many more LiDAR sensor models and manufacturers compatible with OxTS Georeferencer and the boresight tool. If you are interested in other LiDAR sensors being supported by OxTS Georeferencer, contact us at We may already be planning to integrate the sensor you want!

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