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AVAI provides industry leading expertise at all stages of designing, deploying and managing an AV


Compute and Sensors

AVAI works with industry leading manufacturers of autonomous vehicle HW compute platforms and sensor manufactures spanning LIDAR, Radar, IMU, GPS, Cameras. AVAI is your source of the latest cutting edge HW capabilities


Data Collection & Management

Need help collecting data on your SW release? We not only build your AV, but we can also operate it and mange the entire testing and data collection pipeline. 


AV System Integration

AVAI brings years of system design and integration to the table. We pride ourselves in not only providing highly functional prototyping solutions but also highly refined and intimately integrated show room quality solutions


AV Maintenance

AVAI provides full AV system maintenance including debug, multi-sensor calibration, component replacement, and vehicle upgrade services  


Drive By Wire Integration

Need help with controls for a particular vehicle model? In addition to working with Lincoln MKZ, Ford Fusion and Chrysler Pacifica Minivans, AVAI can provide custom solutions for sedans, SUVs, trucks and non traditional vehicle types.   


Custom HW Solutions

Need a custom HW storage system inside or outside of the vehicle? No problem, AVAI's engineers have years of experience in designing custom solutions for data pipelining

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