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Data Collection & Management

Your vehicle's data is your most valuable asset. AVAI can provide complete data collection and data management services to ensure your data is collected correctly and efficiently. AVAI's team of trained safety drivers are available on demand so you only pay for when you need data collected. We also provide data ingestion services to ensure that your team gets access to test data ASAP.


Licensed Trained Safety Drivers 

AVAI offers complete AV testing and data collection services. Our safety drivers must pass a rigorous safety driving program and exam prior to being allowed to operate any AV. Our safety drivers are licensed with the State of California Department of Motor Vehicle Autonomous Vehicle Tester (AVT) Program. Our drivers can be provided on demand to help reduce your overall costs associated with collecting data so that you only pay for when you drive. 

In addition, our team can manage: 

  • Safety driver coordination and scheduling

  • Vehicle check-in/check-out

  • Route planning process

  • Daily route reviews

  • Post-drive debrief

  • File bug/maintenance tickets

  • DMV AVT related documentation

Data Management

AVAI's team has years of experience collecting and management vehicle test data. Our team can provide secure and confidential data management services. Whether your team is looking for high bandwidth data ingestion services to the cloud or shipping disks back to your office, our team can manage the entire process to ensure that your data remains secure and made immediately available for your team.  

Our team can manage everything from:

  • Disk inspection

  • Disk checkout/check-in

  • Disk ordering

  • Secure disk storage

  • Data ingestion

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