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Survey Trolley

Surveying lanes for RT-Range maps

The survey trolley provides a convenient way of lane surveying when doing vehicle-to-lane measurements with the RT-Range S. The RT-Range S line survey tool software makes creating straight and curved lines simple.

Please note: an adapter plate and updated config file is required to support the RT3000 v3, to ensure a secure mount and accuracy.


  • Create and save lane maps

  • Storage space for a battery, laptop computer and an RT unit

  • Survey the lane markings, then turn them into a map using the map creation wizard (included)

  • Adapter plate available for v3 device support


  • Lane keeping ADAS testing

Capture lane markings and turn them into a map

For lane tracking tests, OxTS has a dedicated survey trolley that can be used to survey lane markings and includes software to capture each line and add it to a map.


The survey trolley is designed to keep the GPS antenna high, so the accuracy is not reduced by multipath (caused by reflections from a person above it). The survey trolley can accommodate a battery, laptop computer and an RT.


The survey is done by using one of the survey trolley wheels as the measurement point to provide the best accuracy.

Straight or curved lanes

The line survey software can be used to store the straight or even curved line measurements into a file and turn it in to a map. The map can be downloaded in to the RT-Range S and then the lane measurements begin.

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