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Survey+ v3

Our flagship INS for land-based mobile mapping and manned aircraft mapping

Featuring high-performance MEMS IMU sensors and Survey grade GNSS receivers


The Survey+ has for many years been recognized by companies worldwide as a powerful, high accuracy INS for measuring position and orientation in mobile mapping and other survey applications.

Yet it has always struck the perfect balance by continuously remaining one of the most affordable and cost-effective solutions for accurate land-based and manned aircraft mapping.

With the Survey+ v3, our premier INS, surveying and mapping is better than ever before – Request a quote




Heading Accuracy

0.01 m



GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou & Galileo as standard

Next generation hardware and software

Users enjoy the same trusted, robust performance that the Survey+ has long been appreciated for, but with next generation architecture to support both your existing and future mapping needs, delivering:

  • A new dynamic hardware platform – delivering greater processing power – enabling us to add a host of new features and continue to add more great features in the future.
  • The latest high-performance IMU sensors and GNSS receivers – ensuring the best centimetre level position accuracy of any of our surveying and mapping solutions to date.

  • Add on LiDAR Georeferencing software empowers you to do even more – enable georeferencing functionality and INS/LIDAR boresight calibration using OxTS developed algorithms to align the two systems perfectly.

Incredible accuracy

  • Tightly-coupled processing engine OxTS gx/ix technology – uses inertial and raw GNSS measurements to generate the best possible navigation solution in challenging environments.

  • Precision positioning – the best centimetre level position accuracy of any of our surveying and mapping solutions to date.

  • Premium level pitch and roll performance – the Survey+ v3 delivers the highest pitch and roll accuracy of any of our INS solutions.

Flexible connectivity and integrations

  • Complete “out of the box” solution – ready to seamlessly connect and use with the latest 3rd party hardware and software products for surveying and mapping.

  • Synchronize multiple external devices – the v3 features 3 ethernet ports and 3 serial ports as well as the ability to integrate external GNSS receivers too.

  • The Survey+ INS benefits from optional Precision Time Protocol (PTP) time stamping functionality. All Survey+ INS devices have the option to utilize PTP when synchronizing time with LiDAR and other sensors that also utilize the feature. PTP allows for a much simpler set-up over ethernet, providing surveyors with the ability to get up and running quickly.

Complimentary software with every Survey+ v3!


As an add-value, with every INS purchased from OxTS, you will receive our NAVsuite software free of charge.

NAVsuite is a complimentary addition to OxTS’ range of Inertial Navigation Systems. The tools allow users of OxTS devices to configure and post-process their data with ease.

Included with NAVsuite is a full array of software products including:

  • NAVconfig – NAVconfig is OxTS’ universal configuration tool for OxTS devices.

  • NAVdisplay – NAVdisplay allows you to monitor your navigation data in real-time.

  • NAVsolve – NAVsolve is our powerful post-processing application.

  • NAVgraph – Plot, analyse and export your navigation data after your survey with NAVgraph.


  • Tactical-grade ITAR free IMU protects against GNSS signal dropout.

  • Heading accuracy not affected by magnetic disturbances.

  • Dual antenna GPS/GLONASS for accurate heading in all conditions.

  • Upgradable features designed to grow as and when needed.

  • Comprehensive OxTS NAVsuite software package included as standard, including:

    1. Configuration

    2. Monitoring

    3. Post-processing

    4. Analysis

  • Event inputs and distance-based output triggers.

  • Optional Precision Time Protocol (PTP) time synchronisation functionality.

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