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RT3000 v3

The industry standard GNSS/INS for ADAS and autonomous vehicle testing



position accuracy


pitch/roll accuracy


slip angle accuracy


maximum output data rate

The INS of choice for the world’s leading automotive companies, suppliers and innovators, the RT3000 provides test engineers with a “ground truth” when measuring the position, orientation and dynamics of a vehicle.

The RT3000 v2, launched in 2005, set the standard for automotive testing, becoming the reference system for testing across the automotive industry including for Euro NCAP testing, the v3 has raised the bar even further.

As OxTS’ high performance INS for vehicle testing, the RT3000 v3 is the complete measurement solution, now with built-in RT-Range functionality.

Greater mobility, connectivity and efficiency

The RT3000 v3 delivers the same trusted measurement accuracy for which the RT3000 v2 has long been celebrated, layered over with innovative features that ensure greater accessibility, connectivity and efficiency. Click the features tab to see what’s included.


Hardware features


Firmware features for automotive testing

  • Quad-GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou) included as standard

  • gx/ix™ RTK GNSS/INS tight-coupling technology  – improves position accuracy in poor environments

  • Pozyx 2GAD technology enhances data accuracy in a GNSS-denied space

  • Angular and linear acceleration filter – reduce unwanted noise

  • Robot interface – provides a direct navigation interface for path following applications and platforms

  • Local coordinates – Data is displaced from an X,Y origin on a grid

  • Multiple slip points – measures slip angle from up to eight reference points on your vehicle

  • Surface tilt – Measure pitch/roll relative to an incline

  • Displace INS output to any point on the vehicle

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RT3000 Spec3.jpg
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