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RS-Ruby Plus

Upgraded 128-beam LiDAR customized for L4 autonomous vehicle commercial operations



Longer ranging capability:240m@10% reflectivity


Compared with the RS-Ruby and similar products, the RS-Ruby Plus has a 20% higher ranging capability.

Ultra high resolution: 0.1°x0.1° (@10Hz)


The combination of high resolution and intensity ranging capability provides richer far-field environmental information, and can easily detect black vehicles within 240m and 85m lane lines.

*Remarks: 104 channels with 0.1° vertical angular resolution (including 32 channels at 240m@10% reflectivity), 128 channels in high performance mode are all 0.1° horizontal angular resolution(@10Hz).

Light weight: smaller, lighter and lower power consumption


Compared with the previous generation, the volume and weight are reduced by 50%, and the power consumption is reduced by 33%

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