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A new generation of customized LiDAR platform, including 32-beam and 16-beam LiDAR

RS-Helios series products, the new generation of customized multi-beam LiDAR, are customized for scene applications such as robots, intelligent vehicles and V2X establishments. RS-Helios series adopted a new modular architecture design. Compared with RS-LiDAR-32, it’s 29% smaller in size and 60% lower in cost. And it also supports customization of beam number distribution.

RS-Helios 5515, its 32-beam product, boasts a 70° ultra-wide vertical FoV, fulfilling both perception and blind spot detection needs, simplifying on-board sensor placement.

RS-Helios 1615, its 32-beam product, offers a 31° vertical FoV, uniform 1° vertical resolution, and longer perception distance.

RS-Helios-16P, its 16-beam product, has been fully upgraded in performance and functions compared with RS-LiDAR-16.



Vertical FoV of 70°

  55°of FoV below horizon to eliminate blind zone

Helios 2.jpg


RS-Helios-1615:31° Vertical FoV, 32-Beam Even Distribution

Helios 3.jpg


RS-Helios-16P:30° Vertical FoV, 16-Beam Even Distribution

Helios 4.jpg



Helios Spec 1.jpg
Helios Spec 2.jpg
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