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Q-cable 3.0 meter

SKU: 00340-8
$45.00 Regular Price
$9.45Sale Price
Major features: - Supports 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs, controllable through the Kvaser DIN Rail SE400S-X10. - IP20 rated, plus thermal, reverse-polarity and surge protection. - Smart clip system for easy mounting on DIN Rail; no tools needed. - Requires a power supply from Class 2 / SELV. - *Please note: Add-on modules require a Kvaser DIN Rail SE400S-X10 to be able to work. Resources: - For device configuration tutorial, visit the eLearning course: "Configuring the Kvaser DIN RAIL SE400s-X10" - For physical installation instructions, visit the "Getting Started With DIN Rail" page. Related Products: - Kvaser DIN Rail SE400S-X10 (EAN 73-30130-01059-8) - Kvaser DIN Rail S020-X10 Analog add-on (EAN 73-30130-01066-6) - Kvaser DIN Rail S030-X11 Relay add-on (EAN 73-30130-01067-3)
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