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DIN Rail

Kvaser DIN Rail SE410S-X10 is a powerful Ethernet to CAN/CAN FD interface with support for Kvaser t programs. It has 4 CAN/CAN FD channels, support for I/O via add-on modules and 16GB flash storage. Kvaser DIN Rail SE410S-X10 acts as a master for the add-ons. The housing has a smart mounting clip that attaches to a DIN rail for easy installation. The communication between the I/O modules and the Kvaser DIN Rail SE410S-X10 uses an optical bus, thus there is no need for cables in between. The I/O modules can be controlled either from Kvaser’s CANlib SDK (over Ethernet) or directly on the unit using Kvaser t programs. The Kvaser DIN Rail SE410S-X10 is compatible with applications that use Kvaser’s CANlib SDK.

Major Features

Quick and easy installation. - Multi channel CAN to Ethernet interface. - Ethernet connection with auto-MDIX using a standard shielded RJ45 socket. - Galvanically isolated CAN channels. - Fully compatible with J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000 and DeviceNet. - Lightweight plastic housing for easy mounting on DIN Rail, no tools needed. - Can use up to four add-on modules for digital and or analog inputs and outputs, controllable through Kvaser CANlib. - Supports programs written in the Kvaser t programming language, enables e.g. gateway functionality. - Compatible with all applications written for Kvaser hardware, such as PCIcan and USBcan, using Kvaser CANlib. - Allows users to save programs written in Kvaser t programming language to flash storage. - Automatically start t programs at power on.

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