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Q-cable 0.3 meter

Q-cable 0.3 meter


The Q-Cable is a 0.3m (approx. 0.98 ft) long adapter cable for the Kvaser PCIcanx 4xHS and Kvaser PCIcan 4xHS boards. A DSUB male connector connects to the PCIcan board, whilst four DSUB male connectors connect to the CANbus.
Major features: - Adapter cable designed for the Kvaser PCIcanx 4xHS and the Kvaser PCIcan 4xHS boards. - One molded 25 pin DSUB male connector with thumbscrews that connects to the CAN interface board. - Four molded 9 pin DSUB male connectors with thumbscrews for the CAN bus. - The Q cable is also available in a 3m length Low Smoke Zero Halogen version (Item no. 00340-8) to protect people and equipment from toxic and corrosive gases.
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