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Kvaser U100-X3

Kvaser U100-X3


The Kvaser U100-X3 is a robust, galvanically-reinforced (Tested according EN 60335) single-channel CAN/CAN FD to USB interface with a 16-pin OBDII plug. Signal and power isolated, the Kvaser U100 offers enhanced electrical protection, a vibration, shock and drop-proof housing and high-quality cabling that meets the needs of CAN system developers through to service technicians. With an intelligent LED that displays bus loads and error frames, an industry-leading IP67 rating and an innovative connector system, the U100 has numerous stand-out features. Fully compatible with J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000� and DeviceNet, this suits rugged and higher voltage applications in marine, industrial, construction, heavy-duty, agriculture and automotive, including electric vehicle markets. The Kvaser U100 is also available with 9-pin D-SUB, J1939-13 Type II or M12 CAN connectors.
Major features: - USB CAN interface. - Powered through the USB connector. - Supports CAN FD, up to 8 Mbit/s (with correct physical layer implementation). - Supports both 11-bit (CAN 2.0A) and 29-bit (CAN 2.0B active) identifiers. - Lightweight robust housing made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide overmolded with TPE. - Intuitive LED UI. - Reinforced Galvanic Isolation. (Tested according EN 60335-1:2012 paragraph 13, 5000VAC rms applied for 60 seconds) - Industrial grade temperature range, ?40 ?C to +85 ?C. - 20 000 msg/s, each timestamped with a resolution of 100 ?s. - Fully compatible with applications written for other Kvaser CAN hardware with Kvaser CANlib. - Support for SocketCAN. - Fully compatible with J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000 and DeviceNet. - IP67 rated housing.
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