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Kvaser PCIcanx II HS/HS

Kvaser PCIcanx II HS/HS


The Kvaser PCIcanx II HS/HS is a dual channel, high speed CAN (controller area network) interface board for the PCI-X and PCI bus. It features an on-board microcontroller for offloading your main CPU and galvanic isolation for protection against voltage spikes.
Major Features: - Quick and easy plug-and-play installation, no switches. - Compliant with PCI 2.3. - The board fits in both 3.3V PCI-X and 3.3V and 5V PCI busses. - Fully software compatible with the discontinued PCIcan II boards. - Communicates with the PC through a fast DPRAM. - CAN Controller is a Renesas M16C. - Supports CAN 2.0 A and 2.0 B (active). - High-speed ISO 11898 compliant driver circuits, supports bit rates up to 1 Mbit/s. - Industry-standard 9-pin D-SUB connectors. - Pin assignment according to CiA-DS102. - 16 MHz CAN oscillator frequency. - Galvanic isolation between the CAN-controller and the CAN-driver. - The Kvaser PCIcanx II family boards can optionally be delivered with exchangeable CAN drivers, supporting e.g. single-wire CAN. - Includes free of charge low profile bracket.
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