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gx/ix™ tight-coupling processing

Advanced GNSS processing engine and GNSS/IMU tight-coupling for enhanced urban performance, in real-time and post-process

Environments such as urban canyons, bridges, and tree cover can be a nightmare for GNSS-based systems due to multipath, reduced satellite visibility, and complete outages. gx/ix™️ offers some key features that help deal with these environments:


  • “Single satellite aiding”

  • Tight-coupling of the GNSS and IMU with gx/ix™️ means that even when fewer than 4 satellites are visible, the raw GNSS data from any available satellites is still integrated into the navigation solution to provide updates and greatly reduce position drift

  • “Inertial relock”

  • RTK relock time after brief obstructions (bridges/tunnels etc) is also improved with our “inertial relock” feature which uses the IMU data to reduce the GNSS search area after the satellite outage ends


  • “Mixed mode”

  • Our “Mixed mode” option for RTK processing which means that the INS’ kalman filter will intelligently switch between the GNSS reciever’s own RTK engine (very good in open-sky) and OxTS’ gxRTK engine (perfect for poor GNSS environments)  when you are driving in and out of poor GNSS conditions e.g past tree lines or tall buildings. This means you stay in corrected position mode for longer.

  • “Multiple RINEX file processing”

  • Now with gx/ix™️ processing, if you have logged base station corrections locally or can download them from a CORS network, you can add up to 255 files per processing run in our NAVsolve post-processing software and achieve the highest accuracy, down to the centimeter.

Advanced GNSS/INS processing

  • Want RTK accuracy without having to pay for expensive post-processing software?

  • Need data as accurate as possible in challenging environments, but don’t have the budget or space for a cumbersome FOG IMU?

  • OxTS gx/ix™️ processing can help

gx/ix™️ is made up of our own RTK/PPK navigation processing engine, as well as a tightly-coupled integration of the GNSS and IMU, which combine to provide cm-level position accuracy and get much improved performance in GNSS obstructed areas with our great value systems.

You can add multiple base-station correction files in our free NAVsolve post-processing software to get the best performance in challenging environments, even over long baselines

Maximum flexibility

It’s not always easy or feasible to transmit RTK corrections in real-time. Some reasons that could prevent applying corrections in real-time include:

  • Not having access to a local base station

  • Can’t get a radio connection to your base station

  • Don’t have a modem to connect to subscription based correction services

  • Travelling distances where the baseline is too long

gx/ix™️ can be used in real-time or post-process, enabling the maximum amount of flexibility based on your specific requirements.

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