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Small GNSS base station for RTK applications

The GPS-Base is a small GNSS base station that provides RTK corrections to one or more differential enabled GNSS receivers via radio modem. Correction data can also be logged to a PC when connected.


  • >500 m range line-of-sight (with RT-XLAN)

  • 1 cm positioning (with RT2002 or RT3002)

  • Real-time

  • Precise measurements

  • Compact size

  • Portable


  • Car-to-pedestrian tracking

  • Vulnerable road user (VRU) tracking

  • Tracking of multiple pedestrians or motorcyclists possible

GNSS corrections in real-time

The GPS-Base calculates and then transmits differential corrections to local GNSS receivers. Differential corrections are used by the GNSS receiver in INS+GNSS products to achieve centimeter level accuracy.

Corrections are sent to the GNSS/INS via radio modem for use in real-time, but can also be output to a local PC and stored for use in post-processing.


Start measuring in minutes

To start broadcasting differential corrections simply attach the antenna, modem and a power source and the GPS-Base will do the rest.

The position used by the GPS-Base can be averaged over a period of time, loaded from a file or specified directly.


Multipath rejection

The GPS-Base uses Pulse-Aperture Correlator Technology to minimize the effects of multipath.

The GPS-700 Pin-Wheel Technology Antenna includes a ground-plane to minimize ground surface multipath and reflections.

Correction types

By default the GPS-Base uses the RTCA standard for transmitting its differential corrections. It can also be changed to output RTCA2 or RTCMV3.


Raw data logging

Our free PC software can log the raw GPS data to a file on the PC’s hard disk. This can then be used for post-processing GPS data at a later time.

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