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Dual Antenna Roof Mount

Rigid pre-set antenna mount with built-in ground planes

The Dual Antenna Roof Mount is suitable for use with all OxTS RT products. It provides a rigid pre-set antenna separation configuration for either puck or pinwheel antennas and can be used on most roof types including glass, aluminium, composite and nonplanar.

Turn-key Antenna Roof Mount Solution

The Dual Antenna Roof Mount provides a robust, pre-set separation for a selection of antennas and combined with the built-in ground planes helps achieve and maintain system accuracy during testing.

It has been designed to enable a quick and accurate dual antenna installation and the pre-determined antenna separation locations provides you the measurements for entry into the OxTS system configuration software.

The main mounting bar comes in two one metre lengths that join together enabling the Roof Mount to be used in one or two metre configurations. Combined with the adjustable suction cups it gives the flexibility needed to fit varying vehicle roof shapes and sizes.


  • Simple mounting of dual GNSS antennas on vehicles. Quick set up time (~5 mins)

  • Pre-set antenna separation: 1 m or 2.05 m

  • Ground planes supplied for use with puck antennas

  • Portable (comes with carry bag)

  • Securely mounted using strong and adjustable suction cups

  • Ratchet strap brackets supplied for additional mounting protection

  • Suitable for any dynamic or ADAS tests that require dual antenna precision


  • Self contained installation

  • Non magnetic roofs

  • Panoramic sunroof vehicles

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