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Calibrations, Support & Training

AVAI offers end-to-end support services to power the performance of your INS



Recalibrate your INS for optimum performance

We offer calibration services for our inertial navigation systems and RT-ANA products. Customers can choose from two types of calibration services: a basic calibration and an ISO 17025 calibration. We recommend that inertial navigation systems are re-calibrated every two years for maximum performance and traceability.

An additional step in both services, SuperCAL, can improve the performance of the angular rate sensors to 0.05%.

We calibrate and test all gyros and accelerometers to ensure they are accurate, providing a report of results, to prove specifications.

Maintenance Agreements

Protect, support and upgrade your OXTS system

OxTS maintenance agreements contain several services to deliver technical support and upgrades to you remotely, so your device is up-to-date and supported when you need it.

Our support service agreement includes fault diagnosis and assistance in connecting your product to other equipment as well as configuration advice and free access to new software and firmware upgrades.


Product Training

Best practice system training, tailored to your needs

Our experienced support team provide on-site courses – basic and advanced – for our entire product portfolio.

Our systems can be used in a variety of useful ways so the best way to learn about how to get the most from our products is to get hands-on.

Our training can be tailored to include additional topics on fault-finding and data analysis techniques or any subject you’d specifically like to focus on.

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