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AVAI Network

Leverage the power of the AVAI Network with access to AVAI certified partner facilities around the nation. The AVAI Network provides your team with on demand access to certified AV technicians, secure vehicle storage facilities, data ingestion infrastructure, licensed trained safety drivers and AV maintenance services 

Lifetime Membership

All AVAI vehicle designs include lifetime access to the AVAI Network nationwide. Take advantage of on demand services for all your AV testing and maintenance needs in a cost effective pay as your go model. Our Network of AVAI certified partners is continuously growing in size and capabilities to help accelerate your development and testing needs.   

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Join the AVAI Network

Are you a forward thinking vehicle maintenance center? Want to ensure you are part of the future of the automotive maintenance industry? Apply now to join the AVAI Network and gain access to the latest cutting edge AV maintenace technologies and training. 

Ready to Get Started?
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