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Uncompromising performance in an economical package



position accuracy


Heading Accuracy

0.2 km/h

velocity accuracy


roll/pitch accuracy





A new benchmark for
price and performance​


Navigation you can trust



Seamless integration

  • Combining dual GNSS RTK receivers and a compact MEMS IMU to deliver centimeter-level position and motion data in real-time.

  • The new OxTS Multi-Core IMU Technology achieves the robust navigation performance at a fraction of the size, power, and price of high-end systems.

  • Maximum GNSS utilization is ensured by two multi-constellation, multi-frequency RTK GNSS receivers support aiding from the four main GNSS constellations: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Beidou.

  • OxTS’ gx/ix™ tight-coupling technology minimizes time without RTK following GNSS outages and enables each and every visible satellite to blended into the navigation solution for the most accurate solution possible.

Building the AV200 into larger complex systems is quick and easy with:

  • Combined GNSS + IMU for precise localisation in highly automated driving 

  • Innovative IMU design and state of the art sensors set a new bar for price/performance 

  • Scalable pricing for fleet volumes 

  • Trusted OxTS performance with industry proven Kalman filter and navigation engine 

  • Temperature calibrated to boost performance at OxTS inhouse calibration laboratory

  • Robust lane-level positioning and full dynamic output for path-planning and control

  • Quad constellation for maximum GNSS satellite coverage worldwide 

  • Tightly coupled INS maintains real-time output during GNSS outages 

  • Dual antenna improve heading accuracy while stationary and during low dynamics 

  • No export licence requirement enables seamless global transportation

  • ROS2 driver support 

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