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INS mounting system for vehicles

The RT-Strut is a fast car mounting system for our GNSS/INS products. Equipment can be mounted securely on the strut in most vehicles in minutes.


  • Installs in seconds (fits between floor and roof)

  • Light-weight, 3.7 kg

  • Adjustable installation height from 0.8 m to 2.4 m

  • Excellent yaw stiffness


  • Automotive Testing

  • Survey and Mapping Road Vehicles

Quick to install

The RT-Strut fits between the floor and the roof of the car. A built-in spring provides the necessary force required to keep the RT-Strut in place. Fitting is simply a matter pulling a lever.


Secure multiple products

A number of different brackets mean the RT-Strut can be used to simultaneously mount multiple products. This is particularly useful in automotive ADAS applications where it is often necessary to mount a GNSS/INS product in the car along with an RT-Range S product.

Improved measurement accuracy
Our INS+GNSS products measure the slightest movement with great accuracy. The RT-Strut provides a rigid mount in every axis, so you know you’re measuring the movement of the vehicle – not movement of the product.

Please note:

A risk assessment indicated concerns that the RT-Strut mounting pole could come loose within the main cockpit of the vehicle in specific situations, e.g. involving vehicle impact and consequential rapid deceleration or roof or floor deformation. OxTS now supply a retaining strap to mitigate this risk.

Please ensure your own risk assessment accommodates this information. Alternatively, the RT-Strut can also be mounted in the boot of the vehicle if applicable.

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