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Q-cable 3.0 meter

Q-cable 3.0 meter


The Q-Cable is a 3m (approx. 9.8ft) long adapter cable for the Kvaser PCIcanx 4xHS and Kvaser PCIcan 4xHS boards. A DSUB male connector connects to the PCIcan board, whilst four DSUB male connectors connect to the CANbus. This variant helps to protect people and equipment from toxic and corrosive gasses by emitting limited smoke and no halogen when exposed to high heat sources.
Major features: - Adapter cable designed for the Kvaser PCIcanx 4xHS and the Kvaser PCIcan 4xHS boards. - One molded 25 pin DSUB male connector with thumbscrews that connects to the CAN interface board. - Four molded 9 pin DSUB male connectors with thumbscrews for the CAN bus.
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