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OBDII Dsub9 adapter cable 2.5 meter

OBDII Dsub9 adapter cable 2.5 meter


A Kvaser OBD II Adapter Cable connects any Kvaser CAN bus interface with a DSUB9 female connector to any vehicle with an�OBD II�(J1962) connector. Supports K-Line.
Major features: - Molded OBD II (SAE J1962) male connector, for Type A (12 Volt) as well as Type B (24 Volt). - Molded 9 pin DSUB female connector with thumbscrews. - 2500 mm (approx. 8 ft) long cable made of durable thermoplastic rubber. - Designed for Kvaser's High-Speed, Low-Speed and Single-Wire CAN interfaces. - Perfect for Kvaser Memorator, Kvaser Leaf Professional, etc. - Supports K-Line.
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