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Kvaser BlackBird v2

Kvaser BlackBird v2


Kvaser BlackBird v2 is a high performance wireless (WLAN) communication link for the High Speed CAN bus. More powerful and versatile a WLAN solution than Kvaser's original BlackBird, Kvaser BlackBird v2 incorporates a new radio chip with up to 75% better range.�The BlackBird v2's ability to leverage existing wireless infrastructure makes it ideal for replacing cumbersome cable, accessing hard-to-reach CAN networks, or for monitoring a CANbus while in motion.
Major Features: - WLAN version 802.11b/g/n. - IP65-rated for protection against water and dust. - Responds to increased market demand for iOS and Android API with a �device agnostic� HTTP-based REST API (more info on REST >>) - Up to 75% increased range. - Works in AdHoc and Infrastructure mode. - Lightweight but highly rugged aluminum housing. - Polyurethane cabling suitable for extreme environments. - Galvanic isolation of the CAN bus driver stage to protect the hardware. - Interfaces the CAN bus with a standard D-SUB connector. - Configured via USB connection. - Can be used as a wired interface. - Operating voltage CAN bus (7 - 40 V DC). - Messages are time-stamped and synchronized with a precision of 25 microsecond. - Supports High Speed CAN (ISO 11898-2). - Supports 11-bit and 29-bit identifiers. - For configuration instructions, see User Guide, or reference the Developer Blog article, "How to connect multiple Kvaser BlackBirds".
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